Caribbean Events Menus

Basic Menu

£10.95 per person

Add Ons

As Priced per person

Cakes and Desserts

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Curry Chicken

Rice and Peas

Mac n Cheese


Soup £1.20

Curry Goat £2.50

Fried Fish, hardough bread £1.75

Fried Chicken, fried dumplings £175

Steamed Cabbage and Saltfish £1.20

Curry Lentils and Spinach £1.20

Pasta with Ocra, White Beans and Callaloo £1.20

Carrot Cake

Sweet Potato Pone

Rum Fruit Cake

Selection of Gateaux

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Prices and menus are samples, talk to us and we will plan your perfect day.
Minimum of 50 Guests